Who We Are

On Call Care Service has been providing Nursing and Care staff to Glasgow and surrounding counties to over 25 clients since being founded in 2014.
Our founder is a qualified District Nurse of some 17 years’ experience in nursing, also having 8 Years’ experience managing a Care home providing a superior quality of service.

What Do We Do

Provide straightforward care to a high standard. We ensure all of those we care for are provided the very best level of care available. All our care staff are experienced and fully trained in their area of expertise within the care sector. Our senior management are experienced in care provision and this is extremely important, as this provides backup and advice to both our carers and our clients. Further this helps in sourcing quality carers as well as handling any situations that may arise for our carers and those cared for.

Our Responsibility is to provide Superior Care

Be assured our process for recruitment is very stringent to ensure quality and dependability of service. Those we care for deserve to receive the correct level of care from our carers. With the right carers we can make that happen every time meaning we don’t just hire anyone. All our carer staff are experienced, fully trained and will of necessity have had to pass our stringent recruitment process. Our recruitment process includes exacting background checks and references follow-up. We also routinely take those we care for. As a care agency we seek feedback from clients and are continually looking for ways of refining the care we provide. We endeavour on every occasion to consider things such language preferences as well as cultural factors. At all times our carers will respect the dignity and privacy of all our clients we care for.

Fully Compliant Training and Right to work tracking

In-house and online training is ongoing for our carers. Training is tracked, and compliance is monitored through a specialist software system allowing the agency full visibility of all required documentation validity, those close to expiry and those expired. This ensures all our carers will be current with the training and compliance requirements. This ensures we know who is available and up to date in training before we deploy to a client’s location.

Where We Care

On Call Care Service cares for many individuals who are faced with various and difficult situations. We currently care for people across Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Renfrewshire, Ayrshire and Dumfriesshire and are expanding our area.

Our cares are deployed using their own provided mobile APP allowing them to accept assigned or offered job posts, update their own availability and review their work schedules and more.