coolant bubbling after shutdown

Post Cancel. A faulty thermostat that causes sporadic opening and closing can cause a churning and bubbling effect seen in the radiator or expansion reservoir. After some time of driving everything seemed good until at one point I came to a stop and I noticed some smoke. 07-03-20, 01:13 PM. With a head gasket leak, overheating can happen rapidly, with white steam pouring from beneath the bonnet. This can make a bubbling noise. I parked and turned it off and seen coolant on the side of the engine That came from the reservoir which was boiling again. However, in most cars, it won’t suck back the coolant, and you really need to open the radiator cap and top up the radiator. I have a 78 corvette, automatic, and the other day when i returned the car to the garage and turned the car off I noticed it was running a little hot, not overheating, just hotter than usual. “Many owners of older cars such as yours install electric cooling fans that come on for several minutes after the engine is shut down to compensate for this rise in coolant temp.”, Have your cooling system pressure tested for leaks…That puddle on the floor came from SOMEPLACE…, If no leaks are found, and this continues, your engine might have a “hot’spot”, a place in the head(s) where corrosion has restricted coolant flow…, Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled. The coolant dial doesnt go upper than 90 digrees. When a head gasket blows, compressed air from the cylinders can rapidly enter the cooling system, leading to bubbling in the reservoir and coolant/antifreeze seeping into the cylinder head. That’s why, when your car has a fault or leak, overheating can occur and the coolant/antifreeze can boil in the system. Replacing the radiator cap is a cheap way to rule it out as the cause, but I think something else is going on. 2012 PB Challenger LS Manual. Along with it the coolant level was higher and I also heard a whistling sound for a few seconds. line so I filled it between the min and max - half water, half coolant. Next thing I noticed, after a 30 minute road trip...the overflow tank was bubbling to the top and was leaking through the bottom. It heats the coolant in the block causing it to expand and push past the pressure cap into the overflow reservoir. The point at which coolant/antifreeze boils depends on the quality of the product itself, and the pressure maintained inside the cooling system. Depends on how much mileage the timing belt has on it. Car cooling systems rely on a sealed network of hoses to pump coolant/antifreeze around an engine. The fix: If a fault develops with the pressure cap, it will need to be replaced before the pressure change can cause damage to the radiator. The radiator might also need to be flow-tested. You will also be able to see coolant leakage on or around the pump. This escaped air causes bubbling in the coolant/antifreeze reservoir, which can often be mistaken for boiling. I unscrewed the cap to the overflow and it started hissing even it's spraying coolant everwhere and won't stop. First make sure you have no air in the system. You need expert service to be able to check these. Because there are many fluids and mechanical parts which get hot and cold there can be a gurgling noise which is caused when problems arise. Once the engine and coolant cool down, the coolant contracts and this will suck the coolant back into the radiator. This is pretty common for a leaking, or "blown", head gasket. This means that the cooling system steadily fills with air as the liquid leaks into the cylinders, reducing the liquid pressure of the system which causes the fluid to reach boiling point. I have heard that the bubbling sound might be from air in the line and might be resolved with replacing the radiator cap and thermostat. Check it again when it's cold. Read our comprehensive guide on how to do a coolant flush. As long as the level returns to the same level when the coolant is … Valued Member.

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