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This is the translation of the word "beast" to over 100 other languages. Saying different in Middle-Eastern Languages. How would you describe its appearance in English? Black was the first color to use in art. This page provides all possible translations of the word Monster in almost any language. prodigium. 5 years ago. How To Say "WORLD CUP!" These iconic monsters are very different in appearance from one another, but they have a few general features in common. 2 - Duration: 2:11. Wondering what the American English word for "Monster" is? It can be linked with death, mourning, evil magic, and darkness, but it can also symbolize elegance, wealth, restraint, and power. He has only three finger and one thumb on each hand, and no toes. Describing monster’s physical appearance is a great way to work on building your vocabulary in English too. Here you can find the translation for "Monster" and a mnemonic illustration to help you remember it. I am living in Washington, DC now, but I have lived all over the US and also spent many years living and working abroad. If you want to know how to say monster in Slovak, you will find the translation here. Required fields are marked *. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I have also gone on to pursue my doctorate in psychology and now I also teach courses in psychology. It is used to represent darkness. roaring (a deep, long, cry like a lion makes) These monsters are usually child-friendly. Saying fat in Middle-Eastern Languages. See 5 authoritative translations of Monster in Spanish with example sentences, phrases and audio pronunciations. Language Thank you Pronunciation; Afrikaans: dankie: dahn-kee: Arabic: shukran: shoe-krahn: Australian English : ta (informal) Chinese, Cantonese : do jeh : daw-dyeh: Chinese, Mandarin : xie xie : syeh-syeh: Czech: dêkuji: deh-ku-yih: Danish: tak: tahg: Finnish: kiitos: kee-toas: French : merci : mehr-see: German : danke : dahn-kah: Greek: efharisto: ef-har-rih-stowe: Hebrew: toda: toh-dah: Hindi, … Up to monstrum noun. monster. It is used to represent darkness. This monster has yellow eyes, no nose and a long narrow mouth with rounded grinding teeth. His limbs are long and skinny. Saying team in Middle-Eastern Languages. These are two ways to say hello, but there are many others you can learn if you’re traveling to an Arabic speaking country. Please find below many ways to say fat in different languages. Your Name in Korean; Korean Name Generator; Your Name in Latin ; Your Name in Russian. 怪物 noun. extra eye, arms); Answer Save. Not looking for specific languages, just looking for info.? In the 14th century, it was worn by royalty, clergy, judges and government officials in much of Europe. Would you like to know how to say Monster in different languages ? Pronunciation of monster with 3 audio pronunciations, 48 synonyms, 8 meanings, 14 translations, 39 sentences and more for monster. This Site Might Help You. to have extra or missing body parts (i.e. This is the translation of the word "team" to over 100 other languages. It has become a high fashion trend in the 20th century worn by romantic poets, businessmen, and statesmen. to have physical deformities. Arabic is one such language. © 2020 Transparent Language, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Words That Sound Completely Different in Only 1 Language Pt. Black is also used as a warning signal. German translation of 'monster'. Monsutā. Lingualizer 1,764,676 views. Saying beast in European Languages. From the solar system to the world economy to educational games, Fact Monster has the info kids are seeking. 怪獣 noun. Saying beast in Middle-Eastern Languages. Build vocabulary, practice pronunciation, and more with Transparent Language Online. Source(s):love of languages. This is the translation of the word "fat" to over 100 other languages. You can also check phonetic pronunciation of name Hunter and listen it. people find them objectionable to look at; their physical appearance is considered scary, ugly or odd, Monsters are often written about in fiction and said to be harmful to humans. Your email address will not be published. Monster in all languages. In fact his feet are oval shaped and look like they may suction onto the ground. This monster has green skin and a squat body shape. Thank you! If you need to type in many different languages, the Q International Keyboard can help. The Monster Hunter world has various languages that aren't just limited to humans. howling (a long, loud, cry like a wolf makes). 20. The appearances of monsters also have some general or common characteristic, even though each monster is unique. 1. But what if we translate it into other languages and let Google Translator pronounce its translated name? One of the things that we associate with the color black is depression. Please ask questions and leave comments on the blog and I will be sure to answer them. Ways to say "Happy New Year" in such languages as Arabic, Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin), French, Hebrew, Korean, Swedish, Vietnamese, and more.LanguageHappy New Year! Read on to learn some fun new English vocabulary related to monsters! ster Would you like to know how to translate Monster to other languages? Here is the translation and the Slovak word for monster: príÅ¡era Edit. Feel free to share your description on the comment box below and I will correct any mistakes you have in you description. Do you have a favorite scary or lovable monster? Saying beast in Asian Languages. Please find below many ways to say beast in different languages. Below, at the end of this post, I give you my description. Since that time I have taught ESL in the United States at the community college and university level. Don’t miss our piece on how to say thank you in 25 languages! Most people are used to describing humans, who all have pretty similar features, but describing monsters will stretch your mind as you try to find new vocabulary to explain a monster’s odd or unusual features. He has a potbelly. It enables you to type almost any language that uses the Latin, Cyrillic or Greek alphabets, and is free. It enables you to type almost any language that uses the Latin, Cyrillic or Greek alphabets, and is free. a monster of greed ein (hab)gieriges Monster. Black is a very attractive color for them. Educate, entertain, and engage with Factmonster. In 31 Different Languages - Duration: 3:02. Your Name in Thai (Chinese site) Your First Name in Thai I started teaching English as a second language in 2005 after completing a Master's in Applied Linguists and a Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults' (CELTA). These two, and most other monsters… to have unusual colored skin or a lot of hair; In the recent searches, it has been observed that black is closely associated with the end, mourning, evil, death, magic, force, violence and elegance. Check out our translation in 100 different languages at Translate text into multiple languages at once. strong; You might also think of Sully from the movie Monsters Inc., Shrek, from the movie of the same name, or Chewbacca from Star Wars. and These iconic monsters are very different in appearance from one another, but they have a few general features in common. We hope this will help you to understand Slovak better. Translate Monster. (= big animal, thing) Ungetüm nt , Monstrum nt ; (= animal) Ungeheuer nt , Ungetüm nt. How do I say "Hunter" in different languages? I like to stay connected to ESL learners around the world through Transparent Languages ESL Blog. Black is also used as a warning signal. So we tried to make it possible for you how to say Hunter in English (UK). A monster can be defined as a creature, or being, that is non-human and usually ugly, scary or odd-looking in appearance. Latin Translation. Although these are lovable monsters they are similar to scary monsters in some ways, such as their large size and strange appearance. Speak and write this name in English (UK). belua noun. Not all monsters are scary of course. Monsters are described as: very large or over grown; Or maybe when you think of a monster you think of Godzilla, a giant lizard or dinosaur-like monster originally from Japanese films. RE: How do I … Nice Translator uses the auto-detection option of Google Translate API so don’t even need to specify the source language. Saying team in Asian Languages. Japanese Translation. How to say monster in English? And you may here them making some funny or scary sounds, for instance: growling (a low guttural sound, like a dog may make) Please check your inbox for your confirmation email. Kaibutsu monstrosity. Here you can find the translation for "Monster" and a mnemonic illustration to help you remember it.

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