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There will be a few prompts to follow. Most tools are accessed through the Sequencer toolbar as seen above. The motion effects built into the ShowTime Sequencer application allow you to easily incorporate high density pixel design elements into a show. Easily  add effects to each prop in the grid based on the timeline. Not anymore. This sequence is a 16 channel musical sequence and is designed to work with a 16 channel Light-O-Rama Controller and can be We call it sequencing since everything happens in a predefined order. Initial Setup of the Sequencing Software. Help is on the way! This video shows how to setup the sequence editor. Note: Versions 2.9.4 and earlier support Windows 98 SE and above. DMX devices, however, are capable of taking 256 different intensities (from 0 to 255), rather than 101. Make changes as needed until you know everything is just right. You must have controllers, music , Light O Rama software, lights, music, sense of humor, etc to make these sequences work. From the Control Lights window you can: Think Pixie16. Click the Windows Start button (usually in the lower left corner of your screen), scroll to the Light-O-Rama section, select it and then click ZLight-O-Rama Hardware. Light-O-Rama Sequences for people with limited time or people that just want almost Plug-N-Play. Follow the prompts on the installer. 1. Exit the Hardware Utility when done. Don’t have a clue how to write your own sequences to make the lights dance to the music? Moving Files To A New Computer If you move your Light-O-Rama software to a new computer, you should copy files in all of the sub-folders noted above, with the exception of Logs and LORInternal. Many of the starter packages in the store have discount prices on software. Followers 9 SuperStar allows you to create your own sophisticated patterns on a timeline and the computer figures out the details for each pixel. N2-G4 Multi network, Light-O-Rama Show Director $239.95 N4-G4-MP3 Director 4 network, Light-O-Rama Show Director $299.95 PRO Series Addon LOR800Wg3 15 Amps - 8 Channels $269.95 Addon CTB04-PC 15 Amps - 4 We call it sequencing since everything happens in a predefined order. A prop is a group of channels. This licese supports 2 Light-O-Rama Cosmic Color Ribbons or 300 channels. Our off-the-shelf controllers combined with award winning sequencing tools give you the power to synchronize lights and special effects. In a live show, behind-the-scenes a director is going down a list and barking commands to the stage hands. Here are the locations of the Light-O-Rama Audio folder: Version 2.0 or newer: My Documents\Light-O-Rama\Audio Version 1.6.3 - 1.6.X If you’re still evaluating then you can still use the ShowTime Sequencing Suite but not be able to communicate with any controllers. Find some here. Start small, master the basics and get ready to dazzle! This error is caused by incomplete downloads. Looking for an older version of our software? We recommend saving the appropriate file(s) to your local computer. $269.95 Card Assembled (Complete Package) A fully assembled card with all Looking for the absolute easiest way to get started making your lights flash with the music? When prompted, select SAVE (RUN will work but it is nice to have a copy of the file) Looking for MotionPaks to use with Light-O-Rama Singing Trees? Technicians are listening for exactly when to adjust the lights, start the fog machine or initiate other special effects. A Mad Russians Christmas-TransSiberian Orchestra, Christmas Eve Sarajevo 12/24-TransSiberian Orchestra, Channel Configuration Printout with ShowTime Designer Classic, Full Access XML Data Storage (S5 LOREDIT, S4 LMS/LAS), Pixel motion effects for pixels and Cosmic Color Devices, Simple, intuitive interface with powerful wizards, Virtual test console for real-time control, Undo and Redo of ALL sequence editor functions, For complete control, use the Show Editor and Sequence Editor to setup your shows   -OR-, Use the Simple Show Builder to quickly setup the most common show and schedule options, Interactive shows can be triggered by motion detectors, pressure mats and other switches, Beat Wizard can automatically set timings in the sequence, Pixel Editor makes adding complex pixel design elements easy, SuperStar add-on gives you total control with pixel design elements. On 64 bit machines the config file is located in: C:\Program Files (x86)\Light-O-Rama. ShowTime Sequencer is the easy way to get your lights, music, videos and special effects to dance and dazzle the crowds. ョーは、 通常、舞台照明などの世界で一般的な「DMX」という規格で点滅制御しています。 Don’t know how to coordinate all the lights with the music? Video. Ready to plug in. If you have an active license, download the latest version now (unless you have already downloaded) and enter you key to unlock the license’s feature set. 2. Use our sequence store! It’s all in a day’s work for the pros but if we were watching backstage it would look like total craziness. 3. Most users go with Pro level because all the features are enabled and you won’t need to worry about upgrading from a lower level when you’re in a bind and need a feature in a hurry. The SuperStar Sequencer was written by Brian Bruderer and was incorporated into the S3 release of the Light-O-Rama software. SuperStar is an optional add-on that gives total control of how all your pixels look during your show. Think of it as an addon to the regular Sequence Editor. Bad Santa Dubstep Light-O-Rama Sequence file. Got a huge project and don’t know where to start? You’ll be using the software to control your show for years. The SuperStar Sequencer is a new approach to light sequencing. Here’s the list. Each motion effect has several parameters that can be  altered including automatically changing with the music. For 2015 I decided to switch to the newest and most powerful RGB pixel sequencer to date, Xlights V4. 2. If your license is not active, download the older and appropriate version from the list below. The ShowTime Software Suite is the main set of Light-O-Rama Programs. Play the sequence and see how it’s going to look on your venue. **** Add-Ons purchased separately 4. Select an easy to remember location (such as your desktop) to save the file It will run with or without a License Key. Use SuperStar and Light-O-Rama Sequencer to create singing faces where mouth movements are synchronized to the voice(s) in a song. IMPORTANT: Save money! Check “Allow software to run or install even if the signature is invalid”. Change the timing and colors as well as fade effects in and out on the timeline. A quick video showing how easy it is to Insert a SuperStar effect into a ShowTime 5 Sequence. Looking for the absolute easiest way to get started making your lights flash with the music? In Internet Explorer, make sure the Menu Bar is viewable and goto  Tools/Internet Options. Generally speaking, Light-O-Rama supports up to 16 Light-O-Rama networks, but the SuperStar Sequencer currently only supports up to four of them. * Basic software is free with 16 and 32 channel Starter Package CTB16PC - Ready To Go ( No Assembly Required ) A fully assembled, fully tested, 30 amp light controller in an outdoor enclosure. The default setting for the SuperStar Sequencer is to use one network (the Standard network), with the other … Can I sell my licensed Light-O-Rama software to someone else? Do not purchase your software here if you plan to purchase one of those starter packages! Click the “Advanced” tab and scroll down to the “Security” section. But they too, also get busy starting around this time of year. Once you create the shows, just schedule them, stand back and watch the magic. Sequence Editor (S3 and S4): New Sequences. To keep the window open, click the pin icon in the upper right corner of the window. We also suggest getting a sneak peek at the on-line manual. ShowTime Sequencer is designed from the ground up for the latest generation lighting products including smart pixels. If your version of software is a bit ‘dated’ then you can renew your existing software license to get access to the latest version available. This sequence has the following built in (160 channel): 16 channel mega tree or any size tree... First of the year Dubstep by Skrillex Light O Rama Sequence. Every support request is assigned a unique ticket number which you can use to track the We have you covered. The Light-O-Rama S5 Sequencer's Tools Menu gives you access to a set of functions that are unrelated to a specific sequence. Think of Light-O-Rama show tools as a long term investment. On 32 bit machines the LOR_DeviceFile.txt is located in: C:\Program Files\Light-O-Rama. Want more details? This download is the complete ShowTime Sequencing Suite. A Mad Russians Christmas-TransSiberian Orchestra, Christmas Eve Sarajevo 12/24-TransSiberian Orchestra, Windows  7 / 8 / 10*  with Windows Media Player 9 or higher, Recommended amount for your version of operating system, At least 200 MB of free space (plus storage for sequences and audio/video files), System must be able to support at least OpenGL 1.5, Windows 10:  click the file you want and remember where Windows puts it so you can find it, Windows XP through 8:  Right click on the file you want and “Save Target As…”. It is best to select the defaults values presented *You must have Light-O-Rama S4 or S5 Software for the file to work. On how many computers can I install my Light-O-Rama software? Demo feature is active for evaluation but changes cannot be saved and lights cannot be controlled This is caused by very tight security implemented within Internet Explorer. The "\Light-O-Rama\SuperStar" folder contains files used by the SuperStar Sequencer. Pro Level Features only available with software versions S4 (4.x) or higher. Standard supports Unit IDs 01 thru 08. Note: It is recommended that you copy audio files to the Light-O-Rama Audio folder. Synchronize lights and special effects to music and video using our sophisticated suite of tools. Welcome to the Light-O-Rama Helpdesk In order to streamline support requests and better serve you, we utilize a support ticket system. I still have a question about my software license. ョーを作れる Light-O-Rama(ライトオーラマ) プログラム次第で様々な灯体を思いのままに操ることができますが、導入に当たってはある程度の知識、経験が必要となります。 Download the latest. In the ShowTime Sequencer application design is based on props. Not sure how it all fits together? If you can’t find it, do a Windows search on “Internet Tools”. The SuperStar Sequencer is a new approach to light programming. What can you do with our ShowTime Sequencing Suite? If you do not have a License Key the software will operate in Demo Mode. Basic Plus supports Unit IDs 01 thru 04. Replace with this newer LOR_DeviceFile.txt file. The Light-O-Rama ShowTime Sequencing Suitetakes what seems like chaotic events and makes them predictable. Download the software using a different browser like Firefox or do the following: Here’s a file that lets older LOR software find newer hardware. Download the latest software right here. We want to make learning Showtime Sequencing Suite software as easy-as-possible so we’ve prepared a few dozen video tutorials. Choose the correct software license level. Not anymore. There’s an easy way. Get the ShowTime Sequencing Suite. The sequence was created using the Light-O-Rama Superstar Sequence software and is designed for use on a 16 Pixel or Ribbon Tree. *The " Ims " is a stand alone file for use in your show. There’s an easy way. is the main set of Light-O-Rama … Motion effects can be blended together to always keep the audience engaged. Good Luck! Looking for a quick comparison of license levels? Here’s our software. Got a huge project and don’t know where to start? The Light-O-Rama ShowTime Sequencing Suitetakes what seems like chaotic events and makes them predictable. Think of SuperStar as a pixel-centric “front end” to the Light-O-Rama Sequence Editor. Let your creative juices flow and make your own shows. It can also be dragged and droppedsuch that it "floats" outside of the main window. 3. ョンコントローラなら、PC上で簡単な操作で音楽に合わせた点 … When the install has completed, click START…All Programs…Light-O-Rama…Light-O-Rama Control Panel Ready to try your hand a coordinating the lights, music and motion? • Motion Effect Generator • Beat Wizard • MIDI File Wizard • … Light. If you have an active license, you’re good to go. Why do pixel controllers have to be so complicated? To download, right click the following link and pick ‘Save target as…’:  LOR_DeviceFile.txt, Partners eager to tackle your custom projects, © Copyright Light-O-Rama, Inc. 2020, All Rights Reserved. Why do pixel controllers have to be so complicated? 5. Light-O-Rama’s full-time development team is constantly listening to customers and incorporating new features. Then the software will be installed! Light-O-Rama software is not available from the Microsoft Store; however, you can switch out of “S mode” by following instructions from Microsoft and then you will be able to install the Light-O-Rama … Restart your download and at the end of it you should now have the option to click “Save”, “Run” or “Open” the download. This video covers how to create a sequence with all of your lights steady "on" in the Light-O-Rama S5 Sequencer. Must have knowledge of Light-O-Rama hardware and software to use this sequence. If you’re using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer you might be seeing an error saying something like “The publisher could not be verified”  or “Invalid Digital Signature” and then there’s no option available to save the download. The ShowTime Sequencer Suite  is sophisticated yet easy to learn. In Demo Mode,  you have the features of the Basic License  with one exception: you will not be able to actually control lights. 4. Don’t know how to coordinate all the lights with the music? A S4 or higher Software Suite license is required to use the SuperStar Add-On. Limited program is available for some features are disabled SuperStar is an optional add-on that gives total control of how all your pixels look during your show. ***Our timings and custom sequences have been seen on national TV shows and are used by creators of the world's largest light shows. See more at The same could happen for eight columns or bushes, etc. The red, yellow, blue and green marks you see in the grid above control when the roof segments, windows, columns and bushes turn on during the music. For the higher density props like the pixel tree you mark specific motion effects on the timeline chosen from predefined patterns. *** Basic supports Unit IDs 01 and 02. COVID-19 Announcement! A tree with 800 smart pixels could also be a prop. Each of four windows along the front of your house could be controlled independently or grouped  into prop. Sequencing becomes fun and easy. Should you get stuck, watch a video describing a certain feature. The Control Panel runs as a blue light bulb in your system tray so Right Click on it to get a menu. If you’re having trouble downloading our software, scroll to the bottom of this page for some suggestions, Download ShowTime Sequencing Suite from main site, Download ShowTime Sequencing Suite from alternate site, 1. Trouble downloading past versions of our software? Click the “Download”  button above If you want to try for quicker answers, you can always try opening a Help Desk ticket with the Light-O-Rama folks. Now you control the entire show so behind-the-scenes Light-O-Rama controllers can work their magic. AS SEEN ON TV! Partners eager to tackle your custom projects, © Copyright Light-O-Rama, Inc. 2020, All Rights Reserved. Versions 3.0.0 and later only support Windows XP and above. New Musical Sequence Creation. 5/21/20 -- Our manufacturing, shipping and repair departments have reopened We have instituted safety measures for the protection of our employees that go beyond CDC recommendations. You can also upgrade your software to a different level to take advantage of more features. If you get the error “Invalid Win32 file” you will need to re-download the file. Light-O-Rama provides the hardware and software to make the magic that dazzles the crowds. Try the demonstration software that does everything but control real devices. The Light-O-Rama SuperStar Sequencer can be used as a sort of front end to the Light-O-Rama Sequencer, to create sequences for Cosmic Color Ribbons or other lights visually instead of using a channels-versus-time grid.For more This can emulate channel based sequencing. You define the props one time and all of your sequences can take advantage of it. Save your current LOR_DeviceFile.txt file. There are two options. Think Pixie16. Help is on the way! For the past 2 years I’ve struggled to sequence my lights and music using the Light O Rama S3 software. If you go with the Pro level now you won’t have to worry about limitations as you grow, Up to 2 tracks in Designer Classic or 2 grid views in Designer Pixels, Up to 4 tracks in Designer Classic or 4 grid views in Designer Pixels, Designed for the pro that needs everything. The band is listening for specific cues so they know when and what to play. Light-O-Rama allows the possible intensity of most lighting effects ranges from 0 to 100, i.e. If your tree with 400 pixels changes to a giant version with 1600 pixels, just change the preview one time and you’re good to go with all the sequences. Within SuperStar a series of lighting effects are created and played on your computer screen until you get everything just right. If your software license is not active, download the appropriate software version from the list of software versions below. The Hardware Utility will start and the window title bar will show the version and license level installed. The image above shows the motion effect on the timeline (blue arrow) and the motion effect parameters. SuperStar begins with a blank canvas and allows you to create sophisticated patterns on a timeline while the computer figures out the details for each pixel. a percentage of full intensity. Apply motion effects to one or more props and the computer figures out all the details. If you clicked SAVE then double click the downloaded file to start the installer ** Basic Plus, Standard and Advanced versions free or discounted in all Starter Packages All the functions needed are built into one application so it’s easy to see what you’re doing. New for 2013 This We’ve already figured out standard patterns like fireworks, butterflies, meteor showers, images and text that will scale appropriately to your models. The "Control Lights" window is normally docked on the right side of the main Light-O-Rama S5 Sequencerprogram window. Now you control the entire show so behind-the-scenes Light-O-Rama controllers can work their magic. If you’re ready to purchase the ShowTime Sequencer Suite software so you can start controlling the show, visit our on-line store. If your browser is blocking file transfers click and allow the transfer to proceed. The Light-O-Rama Sequence Editor is very powerful and every now and then a bit of help from an expert is exactly what you need.

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