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I will look into making a formal complaint & posting my experiences on further social media outlets, if this won't be resolved ASAP, since Metro bank keeps taking no action upon my numerous phone inquiries (5 calls so far, totaling approx. With motusbank, the entire borrowing process takes place … Tried opening a business account to switch to them for my company that have been in business for 30 years, 3 months later still not open. If I would charge you my hourly rate that I spend waiting on hold, or going through authentication and explaining my problem over and over again -since these are wasted hours that I am on phone, that I could otherwise spend working- this would be quite a bill already! Absolutely FREE annual fee for life! Just called Metro Bank to close an account. Shame on you. This as well let you manage and track your finances easily. — He imposed standards that define quality, professional & excellence. Once the account was open everything went smoothly. The fifth edition of the Mortgage Lender Benchmark is released today. I've waited for almost 2 months for them to get approved for BBL and test their product. The amount you can borrow decreases or … © 2020 Trustpilot A/S. In the second day, I was approved and told the money would be in my account in 24 hours. I also do not drive and the nearest branch is Swindon and I live in Gloucester. √ Click here to login to Metrobankdirect. The bank do not care. Not following up important requests and not responding to complaints. If only they would move a little further north and open up a few more stores so I could ditch my other account that I have to keep solely for depositing cash and cheques when there isn't a location nearby. A few days later I received a very dismissive response, which only addressed ONE of the issues I raised. 7.9% representative, will lend between £2,000 - £25,000 over 12 - 60 months. They are impossible to deal with, staff are very friendly but utterly useless and unhelpful. Metrobank Card's Cash2Go provides you with quick cash when you need it. This service is appalling and I don't know what to do. My daughter has 2 accounts with Metrobank, one savings and one current, which was DEFINITELY sold as a current account, but transpires to be a 'cash account'. But with the many lenders out there, which one should you borrow from? Appalling. Customer service is not professional and they will often hang up on you while you are on hold. So all being well I transferred £1,500 into the account. I still can't access my account. Customer service abominable and fraud department a law unto themselves - they lie and even though calls are recorded - no-one is bothered to look or listen to listen to resolve any issues. Even arranging a callback needs the extra blessing of a manager higher up the hierarchy (which again results in me being put on hold), geesh! I just want to cancel £10 coming out from joint acct (I and hubby). Thank you to Albina and Sara From Tammy and Ann. By using Smart Money People, you agree to our privacy policy. The interest rates of MetroBank home loan are affordable and highly competitive. Digital bank motusbank offers personal loans from $5,000 to $35,000 for terms of 1 - 5 years. Metro Bank told me I would have to pay £2,307.55 in early redemption charges. Avoid them at all costs and go with a proper bank, it'll save you lots and lots and lots of trouble in the long run. Do you agree? Loans are most often used to spread larger expenditure over a long period to make it more affordable. I am with the Enfield Branch of Metro and I have to say they have been excellent and instrumental in the help my business has received in these difficult times.Have to personally thank Tracey who advised and kept me informed about the bounce back loan, and Stefano for all his help.I will recommend this bank to everyone.Wish everyone there a Great Christmas, Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore. THE BUSSISNESS BANK MANAGER IN BROMLEY DONT GET ME STARTED ON HER EXTREAMLY RUDE QUESTIONING ME WHEN WITHDRAWING MONEY (ITS MY MONEY) & IT COSTS ME TO WITHDRAW MONEY FROM A BUSSINESS ACCOUNT I HOPE SHE GETS THE SHITS.. Loans often have a lower rate of interest than using a credit card. Metrobank is an FDIC insured bank located in Berwyn and has 621570 in assets. They have replaced a bank card for me within about thirty minutes in store and always greet you politely. Everyone was very kind, friendly and helpful . I am switching now to a real bank, these (starting with the branch managers) are completely useless and incompetent puppets. The wait on the phone is interminable and when you do finally get through you are met with a completely inept customer service. They simply have no customer service and from my own expereince they do not do business banking. Metro Banks's response is definitely not in the spirit of flexibility and support which the government has called upon us to demonstrate. First time I meet Metro in 2018, in London. Don't go any where near this bank.To add to the misery everyone of the seven people I spoke to was rude and aggressive Only ₱15,000 monthly income required! Please enter the code shown in the image: (Refresh Image) Enter your email. I believe that only people what love what they do and to help people smile everyday can care about your money. A Personal Loan can help give you more control over your spending. They like to charge you for doing nothing. A motusbank personal loan could give you the cash you need to help with unexpected expenses. Metrobank Housing loan details. The dog gets treats too which is an added bonus. Try our personal loan calculator to … Metro is my team too :). I asked if this could be waived and they refused. I'm deeply unhappy about Metrobank and its services and I can only urge anyone to stay away from them! Incompetents and couldn't care less. IF YOU DO THEY WANNA CLOSE YOUR BUSSINESS ACCOUNT, IF CASH IS ILLEGAL STOP GIVING IT OUT.. The situation has caused me immense stress and I could never countenance dealing with them in the future nor recommend anyone else to do so. THAT IS ONLY THING GOING FOR THEM BUTS LETS FACE IT THEY HAVE TO DO SANK DIFFERENT TO GET PEOPLE TO WANT TO JOIN? I am extremely happy with Oli's, Luke's and Sukh's customer service. If you have finally decided to take the next step in being a homeowner, let this article be your guide, especially if you’re taking out a home loan from Metrobank. (THE WORST BANK AROUND) There were some process issues that we needed to overcome, but Dani Oteng who took ownership and responsibility to help me through the process and eventually the bank account was opened. At the time of writing my review I didn’t really know why metro were closing my account. Written on: 18/07/2017 by Charlinehurst (1 review written) SO ANGRY , I cannot even describe. I am very, very disappointed. I have now withdrawn all my funds from this bank and wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. All-Digital Loan Application. Metro Bank claims to offer unparalleled levels of service and convenience. Metro bank are no help. I inform them that I'm away travelling, then they speak to their manager once more, then they tell me "they will look into it", since some higher up needs to give clearance and I will either get a call back, or my account will be unblocked the next day. The biggest joke of 2020 that I have ever heard! Incompetents and couldn't care less. Closed that account after paying of any charges to be charged to do that!! Likewise, the interest charges are based on the fixed rate for a particular tenure. ABOUT SSL CERTIFICATES. So, you have to inquire on the bank and then give your personal and busi ness details. In this financially challenging time, getting a personal loan is an option for Filipinos with an immediate need for cash but are short of budget. But in my opinion they never waste your time, as soon they would understand what we need and find a solution I can be free.I am proud that I choose Metro, during Covid was impossible to open business ban account. It appears they didn't want to respond to the other 5 points raised, as they probably couldn't explain what had happened, and that would then leave them open to actually having to apologise.As I was totally unsatisfied with their response, I have now raised the matter with the Banking Ombudsman, and I await their response.All in all I would thoroughly discourage anyone from having any dealings with this Bank. Very poor serviceMy experience of Metro Bank has been extremely disappointing.I closed a savings account recently and tried to get the money out. !I don’t recommend this bank at all !! I have been waiting since 7th July to access money from a matured bond with no success.

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