why do you want to be a reservation agent

Customer service skills: Travel agents need to sell their value to potential clients, then they need to be helpful and professional in meeting clients’ needs in order build their client base. Better still, you need a good ending. At the end of the day, a hotel reservation system is the helping hand you need to keep your occupancy up, even during the slow times, and make sure everything is running smoothly. Worked with other reservation agents to efficiently make guest stays exceptional. Travel Agents are "All Inclusive" - Hotels, vacation package companies and cruise lines all include travel agent commissions in their published prices.If you do all the work yourself online, they "pocket" the difference. It also demonstrates a connection to the area at large. Basic computer proficiency; Data entry experience; Working knowledge of office equipment, such as copiers, fax machines, and scanners; Advanced skills: While most employers did not require the following skills, multiple job listings included them as preferred. Problem-solving skills: Not all travel plans are straightforward, which means travel agents sometimes need to be creative to meet clients’ needs. Maintain Records. Hotel reservation agents are responsible for keeping accurate records about customer bookings, payments, and any additional information that hotel staff might need when interacting with a guest. One of the duties of a front desk agent in a hotel is helping guests find things to do in and around the hotel. If you want to work as a Reservation Agent, focus on the following. 3. You do not want to be too dramatic in your answer because you do not want to put yourself in the wrong light as being trouble so this will show the interviewer an example of only a mild contretemps rather than a full-on conflict but it will still highlight that you have vision to think ahead and diffuse a … Monitored reservation agents calls, providing them with coaching, training and feedback. Reservation agents are expected to have knowledge about the area a hotel is located in and be prepared to offer advice when necessary. It’s not as simple as you’d think. If you go back to your agent and let them know you’ve found it cheaper somewhere else, they can usually get some money shaved off for you. Using the services of a travel agent means you get the customer service you … So why aren’t you offered the lowest price in the first place? Performed a lead role as the voice between reservation agents and management. If your previous company took your advice and ended up going bankrupt, that's not such a great example either. What experience do you have in this reservations field? Assisted other reservation agents with resolving problems as a floor walker. A good booking system enables you to keep track of customer stays and reward them accordingly, keeping them around for the long haul. Here's Why You Should Use A Travel Agent Instead Of Booking Online ... A good travel agent spends time getting to know the customer and so can make recommendations tailored to what you want to do. Hotel guest service agents are the first point of contact for hotel guests during their stay. Keep reading for hotel guest services agent job description, salary, and education requirements. Asking a candidate for directions will show you how capable they are of fulfilling this responsibility. Be prepared with a story about an idea of yours that was taken from idea to implementation, and considered successful.

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