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Great actor *twoThumbs up*. Say what he wants/believes in. heey!! Hell is based on a webtoon of the same title written by Yeon Sang Ho and illustrated by Choi Kyu Seok. every project i’ve seen with him was extremely good. Yu Ah In is just awesome and I can't help but spazz everytime he's on the screen. Your acting was so good. Hai YAI oppa...you're such great actor..very professional, reliable..you always give added value on every film/drama..you're on top level acting..waw, speechless, Tania Apr 18 2016 9:47 am Columbus Sep 10 2013 11:06 am and perfect body ! i like this actor but i wish they could pick a better profile picture ><, Trish Mai Jan 17 2014 12:36 am Dennie Nov 06 2010 11:32 am You are daebak! Can't stop gushing over your billboard in Manila, Philippines. You are insanely talented actor, and very handsome. Uhm Hong Sik you the best. because of him (Only chicks man) LOL, its a hoot reading everybodys posts. Hmmmmm... You really express yourself well. You are a huge talent...award worthy!!! Thanks guys.. Just like you, I was also flipping channels..then I suddenly stop when I saw him.. Hayyy.. His so pretty....god!!! It aired on SBS from March 19 to May 22, 2012 on Mondays and Tuesdays at 21:55 for 20 episodes. Never forced: BRAVO!! saraghae ! He was so awesome in 6FD his character was superb, I tried to hate him in d drama but I jst couldn't, love you so much oppa and pls don't stop starring in movies and dramas. haha, iput Nov 06 2010 11:06 am i hope you will come to MALAYSIA Everything looks so real. Great actor! You're the best Yoo Ah In! Fighting!!!!! fighting!!! Karren Oct 12 2013 3:52 am F C. Thailand Feb 14 2011 12:00 pm I totally loved him in chil wu, the almighty! I saw him in Sung Kyunkwan Scandal, and he was so good! I red several of his poems and I was deeply impressed.wish i could find more. whynot Dec 16 2016 11:28 am I hope I'll get to see you in more dramas and movies in the near future!! you are so......smart in sungkyunkwan scandal. Yoo Ah In is my favorite Korean actor! Wished he was the main character insteadd..=( Keep up the good work and cannot wait ti watch your orher dramas. Height: 178cm. Yoo Ah In is amazing in Jang Ok Jung.. the chemistry he has with Kim Tae Hee is unbelievably real. Oh I love Mon Jae Shin in Sungkyunkwan Scandal.He is really like my friend.I love him moreover I'm a big fum of Yoo Ah In.Now I watching Sungkyunkwan. Maine Gracia Casablanca Jun 22 2016 5:49 am I saw your dramas they were so touching and entertaining. genevic Dec 11 2012 2:09 am p Jan 03 2011 10:06 am We will wait for you. And at the moment, waiting for the next episode of Six Flying Dragons to come out. i like your work in jang ok jung and i hope to see you more in future. I have seen him on a few dramas that he starred in but Sungyunkwan scandal established him as the new drama actor to watch for. Err...is this man in ''boys of tomorrow the boy's name Jong-dae? I am really amazed on his acting, really Great! jen Oct 31 2010 6:25 am TM. looks like i'm here again! Oppa Love you. Punch will always be my #1 favorite Korean movie (yup, ALWAYS). ;-) yu ah-in, haja haja fighting!!!! Lindia May 21 2017 1:55 pm Uhm Hong-sik (born October 6, 1986), known professionally as Yoo Ah-in, is a South Korean actor, creative director, and gallerist. i was searching everything about him, not everything maybee. From Sungkyungkwan til now Six flying dragons:)))))) I super love you in jang ok jung!!! Mind blowing. i'm crazy for you Ah in.. ah-in hwaiting , mun jae shin sarangheyo >.<. Now watching Secret Love Affair and dangggg you Yoo Ah Ib, great acting tho!!! All rights reserved. instead of studying being in med-school...i just can't help but long for you & your manly aura that makes me feel all jello & mellow... i wish & pray for your successs...good health .more projects & for happiness to always come your way! Just finished the first movie of his that I've ever watched, Sado. ri Sep 25 2015 2:58 am Nate Abiola Apr 09 2020 3:47 pm I was amazed by his acting talent, and now i am looking for him everywhere and saw many of his work. Chicago typewritter is a great story. I've been watching korean dramas for so long always looking for something to watch and after playful kiss I never really knew about sungkyunkwan scandal but we are a fan of KBSWorld we always watch 2 days one night as if friday is like a family day for us with popcorn and everything, then commercial...one time I saw the preview I went looking for the episodes online saying this might be good, in that bit caught of preview I didn't see Yoo Ah-In, I was just curious because the story kind of cute. p Oct 28 2010 4:34 am I liked it most when he was in the black costume and hat!!! we are crazy fans of you. ah-in yu. and i thought i will be very happy that he is dating!! monita Nov 12 2013 10:44 pm whynot Jun 22 2016 7:25 am ah in, love so much! I think you portrayed your character fantastically and I hope to see more productions from you in the near future. bbb Mar 28 2020 8:52 am Your acting in "Six Flying Dragons" was unbelievable! I somehow recall them together somewhere or something but it wasn't a drama, probably the same award or award ceremony. - karren. I say this because I think he has more potential than what projects he has been given/taken or the amount of following he has. !take care coz we care.. Ella May 21 2013 8:31 pm ..I love u 유아인!!! That was one of your biggest mistake to Jang Hee Bin, Agres Jul 08 2013 9:45 pm will there be a part two,three four.etc.etc of the skks? That was a good drama series but I kind of dislike the ending a little, I wish it had a perfect happy ending. so cute love you xoxo. Saranghae looking forward to more of you in the future!!! You tottally deserved it!!!! I really want to see him in another drama series with unique plot please give him drama series please I really want to see him please.....!!!!! micha Mar 30 2014 1:03 am A very gifted actor, plus cute too... fan Nov 25 2020 9:40 am NTH Aug 03 2020 10:06 am randy Feb 13 2014 7:28 am p/s; all the casts in chilwu are amazing but i sinfully confess, he is the MAIN reason y i watch chilwu!! im really looking forward to his new projects!! You are really amazing actor ..i watched your all drama :-) Yoo Ah-in (as himself) is a sophomore in high school who studied painting and is Lee Ok-rim’s boyfriend. Even when eon lee died, they never even said that "the cast of chilwu was here, yoo ah-in, etc.,etc.." they only featured eric mun.. For me its unfair.. just asking, where could I get all of his tv series in english subtitles? Chloe Feb 02 2016 10:41 pm Talent agency: Star K Entertainment. He have changed sooo much from The Antiques Bakery hehehe so cute at that time. Lee Ok-rim also has a long-time male friend named Jang-wook. But if we meet I can only say two things in Korean but I am learning how to speak Korean so yea....So good luck in life and I wish you always be a good talented actor. Bebe Sep 13 2017 2:03 pm Alfrianti Jun 15 2017 10:12 pm Specially in Sungkyunkwan scandal and Jang ok jung.. thats the best part of you. Get Inspired from Lee Min-ho’s Hairstyle! Honestly you have mad acting skill! I mean, get his name out there, so more projects. Alexja Jan 12 2019 5:42 pm Oppa...I love u... I thought I will be the only one in this lonely commentary room.. ??? He always made his role perfect in the drama. I love you, you are so talented! wooow Yoo ahin you are the best in all junior astor. Epyon Nov 07 2010 11:49 am Yesterday im finally done watching his drama ''jang ok jung living in love''.He is very perfect in his role as a very wise king,but the ending is not that perfect one just like in his drama ''Fashion King'' he die.but it's ok i will forever support you bcoz your the bes!.Saranghe Oppa!:). Please come back to us in a healthier state. He was 29 and spoke very little English, and although I had some Asian friends, I had little to do with Asia. MTG May 29 2020 8:06 am Mariem May 23 2018 4:12 pm Lol! evilive May 21 2011 5:03 pm WOW! U are great actor with different characters. W4GRB.pid[1]=11070; Great drama , great job . Like any boy of his age, Jang-wook likes soccer and makes mischief. We will be waiting for your comeback. I will mos def check out that drama! I do LOVE Yoo Ah In in Sungkyankwan Scandal (and I am not young ) . Sarah Oct 30 2013 3:09 am Stage Name: Yoo Ah In (유아인) Birth Name: Uhm Hong Sik (엄홍식) Birthday: October 6, 1986 Zodiac Sign: Libra Nationality: Korean Height: 179 cm (5’10″ 1/2) Weight: 62 kg (136 lbs) Blood Type: A Twitter: @seeksik […] this guy is so cool and a very good actor. i want you to know that you can pull tricks on your acting coz you're really great and promising!!! Even if he seek revenge , he really suit his role there!! you are the best,, sara Jan 02 2011 4:15 pm Congrats in 2015, he receives so many award! I love you so much... micha May 07 2014 10:22 am Yu Ah-In started paining late, but with intelligence and persistence he has won the several contests. Love this actor...cant wait til he visits Maui, Hawaii!!! OPPA SARAGHEEE!!!! and thank God he is so macho and so handsome in military uniform. what a splendid portrayal of a king...so full of romance.love and angst...wonderful indeed!!! why ? I really liked the way you portrayed your role in jang ok jung..u b rocked it...keep up the standard. Tqz1 May 02 2016 10:47 am good director too. Sometimes they look different in how they wear their hair, etc. And what makes me excited is his upcoming drama with one of my favorite lead actresses, Kim Tae Hee! I'm currently watching all your dramas.. Fighting and more success in your career.. LP Sep 07 2015 1:57 pm green laurel Dec 17 2013 4:54 pm i hope, he'll be the main lead if ever he'll get one.. saranghae yoo ah in!!!!! You are sooooo cool & also cute. Wish i could see you personally .. You made me cry on i wached your every drama .best wishes for you new drama ( SECRET AFFAIR ). Be happy ,bro, Great job Yoo Ah-In, Great, great job! lhei Nov 20 2010 12:42 am Um, ' lizzy ' you should get a life, like... A.S.A.P! ah-in we love u!!!!!!!!! pam_12 Nov 02 2010 4:35 am Loqizekatz Apr 25 2017 8:43 pm Cynthia Apr 04 2015 7:54 am Firt time i see this actor in my 2 decade with kdrama...omg he is sooo good in chicago typewriter which is underrated!expressions everything! He deserved all of the awards :p He is very nice person. I've never commented on this kind of stuff, but I really need to say that you're an amazing actor. Such a wonderful actor! . Have to confess that I fell in love with King SukJong as portrayed by Yoo Ah In. updatebox(1,W4GRB.average_rating[1]); I love his acting skills in Sungkyunkwan scandal & Jang Ok Jung!..very impressive. Giemints Jul 06 2017 6:49 am hi!imlooking forward 4 ned dramma hope so........you will become success in yoor carrier......yoo ah-in.nice and great the way u act,.. marrys26 Dec 08 2010 4:19 pm I usually hate a storyline involving younger man loves older woman, but this drama hit me so hard that even I wish Ah In engaged in a same kind of relation with Kim Hee Ae for real. please come to Sri Lanka. Or anyone’s imagination! Anne Hayashi ... Wow in your 70s and so you know a good talent when you see one! He chooses well or the project became good because he is in it?? JTBC Cable drama Secret Love Affair grows popularity rapidly day by day in Korea, with the latest episode airing on Tuesday reached 4.06% in viewerships, peaked to 6.2% during the broadcast, and took over the position of a national TV KBS2 drama The Full Sun. Moreen Feb 10 2019 12:50 am because of your uberly hotness...i started watching your other movies... im so inlovd with you? I really like his role in Chicago Typewriter (especially as Seo Hwi Young because he’s so charming and not rude as Han Se Ju), do you guys know which movie or film that Yoo Ah In play a charming character like that? You deserve it i know u'r good actor i'm happy for you keep up the good work and stay foot on the ground. Sakura Jul 18 2018 2:56 pm So Thanks for all your hard work! Korean people must be proud of him. Will continue to watch this drama for Yoo Ah In's performance. Rhea Ricalde Aug 22 2017 12:15 pm Drama. He has the making of a great drama/action actor. He really stole my heart ♥♥. Lee Sun-joon trapped Kim Yoon-hee into taking the exam so that they were both accepted into Sungkyunkwan’s school. en you when you where in pain my hart was in pain too T.T i only kept watch you and soong ki. i like your film(sungkyunkwan scandal) so cool. (But in the spirit of these post that I am reading, here goes! i've never been so addicted to one korean actor till now!! W4GRB.pid=new Array(); I've watched you for the first time in fashion king just because it's about fashion and it's in new york. Anybody can see it in your eyes the passion you put in your work! micha Apr 15 2014 8:34 am I like him in more action genre amd if long hair like in Sungkyunkwan! inlove with Mark,here i am again 6FD as Yi bang won. Based on the hit webtoon of the same name, “True Beauty” is … ..this is the first time i see this actor and that is when i was fliping the channels and i saw him so i stop and i had never miss an episode because of him... He plays flawed, sometimes downright crazy or evil characters, and the viewers react correspondingly to his portrayal. I was in the German Dept. michi Nov 15 2010 1:16 pm He really looks like GDragon for sure.. Such a good actor. Yoo Ah In! and on Netflix. Unfortunately it hurts me I keep on denying myself that the series is not all about the love story between Lee Ga Young and Kang Young Gul instead with the vengeance and rivalry of business between Young Young Apparel and J Fashion but no matter how tragic the ending was I still love it even so moving forward to the feeling attached to the love story side of the drama. i'm madly in love with u moon jae shin.you are my dream prince!!!!!!! No need 6pax to attract fans...just keep up the good work and potray of cool gentleman should do the trick. But this guy made a good performance in the role of the King in Jang ok jung. you stunt is very good It is annoying to see this good looking guy acts as a lover of a older woman. Mary Grace Sep 16 2020 8:41 am :-). :), Hope to see him in more korean dramas.. looking forward on it.. :). Due to the nature of his role, Yoo Ah-in did not wear any accessories. Sapphire May 04 2017 9:28 am dearest crazy horse,i really love moon jae shin part in sungkyunkwan scandal.it was amazing but i hate that story,you loved kim yoon shik so much and protected her always.But you let her go for lee sun jung.you knew that kim yoon shik is a girl and didn't take any advantage,you tried to keep away from her and protect her.she should had to love you but she went for lee.so im really sad of moon jae shin.i saw some pics of you but not suit to you,pleas always try to be like moon jae shin.he is so handsome and romantic.that hair style,appearance and everything really suit to you so please always try to be like crazy horse.i just wanted to tell this to you because you are the person who gave the life for moon jae shin.i don't have your contact details and don't know how to tell this, this is the only way that i can tell you this, so i decided to submit it as a comment. so i am sad :( W4GRB.query_url[1]="/index.php?title=Special:W4GRB\x26bid=1\x26pid="+W4GRB.pid[1]+"\x26stamp="+new Date().getTime(); I can understand why your choices on dramas are those which has unique storyboard and has some twist on the flow of the story. i really liked the long hair. I really love the way you His charisma gone all the way here in America... nhoze Oct 02 2008 12:13 am hi i really loved your works.i am from iran i want to see u more. Sk Nov 01 2017 9:01 am I went online to see if I could find more of your dramas I have watched them all ,you are fantastic. I am most assuredly a fan !! watched Jang Ok Jung bout 2-3 years ago, & it took me 1 year to move on from that awesome drama. am really obssessed with him. sumi Jul 26 2013 2:42 am Yoo Ah In is still the only actor whose films/dramas I finish. hello though i feel so much dissapointment in the end of the drama Jang ok Jung but i see you your majesty cry about the lost of ok jung your beloved it makes my heart feel a little lightness.. thank you for making me cry Yoo Ah In. Ceci Apr 18 2015 10:11 pm loadbox(1); he is amazing in everything he does My continuous support will be your 100%, lot paras May 11 2013 12:33 am i admire you on how you carry yourself in all your movies! C9 Apr 27 2014 3:17 am hi yoo ah in..I saw you at sungkyunkwan scandal as a geol oh..(Senior)..you have good talent..I liked & love geol oh character...so now I have yoo ah in mania ...20 minutes ago i read you will be join celebrity division soon..so do you never act again?? Thanks God he once said he liked tragedies. I keep on checking to see if this great actor has a new film...I wish for a romantic drama. From his messy look to an upright scholar look. i will support u forever! His looks are great too, of course ;) I adored the series JANG OK-JUNG...and particularly your amazing portrayal of the King. One day, we will meet... nilarwin Aug 03 2011 5:27 am This was my first experience with Korean drama and now....I'm hooked! Haha. You're such an amazing actor. Looking forward to more of your movies. Enz May 30 2017 9:42 am I'm a new fan. May you have the best of the world. I wont lose on you ana..:D.. Just kidding.. But Six Flying Dragons is a great masterpiece, afterall. 1st movie that break my heart. hope to see more drama from and i hope this time you are the lead actor, kamsahameda!!! Ah in, at the last episode of Jang ok Jung, I cried , sobbed, together with you! yoo ah in you are so handsome!! Saranghe oppa. Yoo In-na (born June 5, 1982) is a South Korean actress and DJ. It will definitely increase his popularity internationally. I fell in love with his acting skill for the second time. I really happy to see Mon Jae shin.May you see my words and love............ hm..^^ (Secret) hehe May 27 2011 3:17 am He adapt himself to the role so well that it's difficult to differentiate between the actor and the character . I really dunno how to explain but .. YOU are so GREAT !! Waiting waiting and i m going to a giraffe. like many others i was flipping thru the channels when i come across the show where u were just amazing with the sword, i didn't get to watch the drama from the very beginning but when i discovered it on kbs in early august, i watched chilwu to the last episode last night, just because of u. thank u for the great entertainment, looking forward to your next tv drama..by the way, i watched you also in your movies boys of tomorrow and shim's family u r really a good actor...more power to u ah-in yu! I can't wait to see you on next drama/movie. Guys, go see Yu Ah In in Strongest Chill Woo (also named Chilwu, the Mighty) !!!! Beside in the end of this drama should shown how will the baby prince "won ja" become. Rewatching chicago.. gosh, please please star in a new drama. I guess you have shown all your acting hues and it is time to relax and make your fans see a sweet romantic movie!!! Jan 16, 2018 - Explore Lorin Elizabeth's board "Yoo Ah In", followed by 236 people on Pinterest. Ah-In ssi u are my fav actor ever since. He came to our Dept. I just dont knw what to comment.. Yoo Ah In is awesome in his act. Man Suan Cing Nov 15 2010 4:52 am You may not know me but I'm your fun. window.W4GRB = new Object(); I TOTALLY LOVE HIM..too bad he didnt end up with kim yoon hee/kim yoon shik.. Jocelyn May 31 2016 5:37 am wat an actor he is when I watched fashion king, I didn't really lyk him due to the ending of the movie but then I got to watch jang OK jung I started thinking dat I was wrong about him he puts a lot of effort into it and I do not take that for granted. ? Nimna,Dhanu,Chapa May 05 2014 12:50 am You amazes me! kpop love Mar 31 2014 2:26 am Real name: 엄홍식 / Eom Hong Shik. I want to see your movie (punch) but here ............! He brought that same charm and whimsicality to the relationship. But why did you give the order to kill her. congrats for the new award! Sigh!!! Strongest Chil Woo is also known as Chilwu the Mighty. He is brilliant. love your acting in Sungkyunkwan scandal, The best character ever suits to you.Hope You are just same as the Moon jea sin..fighting awesome Yoo Ah-In opaaaa.......... Tann Nov 15 2014 10:01 am He really suits with that moon jae shin character and long hair. All my appreciation and congratulations for The Throne! So good! I like him being so tough yet so caring for the one he loves, Lizzy May 10 2013 9:15 am he should be the one who get the lead actress..n after watching the final episode i've fall into a minor depression afterwards..hahaha.. I can honestly say your acting in the drama Jang Ok Jung is very excellent. hoping to see his other movies you potray every character perfectly . you are cute. I really hate you for the role you played. Coco Mar 08 2016 8:07 am I live in US and I just have been watching 4 Korean dramas so far . Jang-wook (Seo Hyun-Suk) is shy, but cool. miera Aug 27 2012 9:57 am June Apr 12 2016 2:04 am She likes imaging and has a bright personality. There are many handsome and cute actors in your country but your charisma is significantly different among them. Oh Lord .. Actually, i dont think he is handsome in my opinion, but i dont he has charisma and his acting is not kidding. 1 top assassin in ancient Korea, who was absolutely the best role in this drama like he did in Sungkyunkwan Scandal. faith Nov 01 2011 5:43 pm I really love his acting! I like your acting in the drama JANG OK JUNG and hoping to see your next act. hey ... I hope to see more of you in the upcoming years, drama or movie. I don't get the hype around him i thought he must be a brilliant actor but i got shocked when i saw his acting in some movies he is so overrated and his acting sometimes gets annoying because he tends to exaggerate so much he still need to improve though. I've been a fan of him for so long already and his acting never disappoints me! I am so involve emotionally in this drama. IK Apr 18 2014 7:55 am Because you are very talented boy. He just blew my mind with his talent in Secret Affair. no matter what the culture! HI ..I really love your acting in JOK. Then I watched Jang Ok-Jung. Jocelyn Jun 04 2016 9:44 pm the best yoah-in. Most of his online videos are back from 2010, 2011 during the SKKS. <3. Yoo ah-in SARAAAAAANGGHEYOOOOOO nomo nomo nomo cuaaaaaaaaaa, yu Nov 03 2010 8:41 am winny Oct 12 2010 10:02 pm beside that, i also love his personality, he is honest and being "just him". Drama itself was so good that I plan to re watch this drama. Gosh, you were daebak! Love You *Ah-In Yu*유아인 *. allyssa Jan 16 2011 9:27 pm I really like historical drama and Yoo Ah-In acting as royalty never disappoints. Oh my! I still can't believe he hasn't gotten an award for chicago typewriter hiiiiiiii.......... you're so good in acting. i am not korean and i don't normally watch a drama in a language that i don't understand and i am glad chilwu drama has an english subtitle. Herfi Apr 14 2017 7:21 pm His role in veteran is entirely opposite to the writer in chicago type writer or the prince in six flying dragon. I hope to see you more as the main actor in upcoming new dramas. Why r u so handsome and cool? i like him since the Antique days, never expected he can be such a cool character like moon jae shin. Hello yoo ah in. Maypeace Feb 14 2011 5:02 am Mitch Sep 16 2013 10:47 am No doubt, the most passionate, dedicated and the most handsome Korean actor. I saw Ah In for the first time in Sungkyunkwan Scandal and he was awesome, liked him the most there (sorry, Yoochun :P). You deserve all the awards and all the recognition! I love your work since Sangkyunkwan Scandal. perfect acting. I can feel that feeling, every drama he played, I was crying for the touching moment!! i liked you 2 the best. i love him..in jang ok jung soo kind n man n he also good looking n talented star. Fashion King (Korean: 패션왕; RR: Paesyeon Wang) is a 2012 South Korean television drama starring Yoo Ah-in, Shin Se-kyung, Lee Je-hoon and Kwon Yuri. i really..really like him....,he did a good job in sungkyunkwan scandal ..., he sooo cool .... rachel Nov 25 2010 10:46 am Shows next year, they just started filming today). Looking forward for more drama ang movie for you. Sakura May 26 2017 11:33 am Will always support you!! Your acting is so lovely sometimes and so smart sometimes. I love you keep good work going. A master piece and you a great actor! overflowing Charisma. Does he really get to read this? All great actors! Accepting fad from Gu Yong-ha’s senior, avoiding her roommate Moon Jae-shin, who is fierce, while trying to control her growing love for Lee Sun-joon, who is also her roommate. Does anyone paying attention?!!! please make more kdrama?? Can't wait for it :"). All casthave done a good job and YAI is so cute in it. I've known u in SSKS, and I became one of ur forever fans!!! I've watched it 2 straight days with no sleep come to find out you died at the end gets me frustrated erghh !! im looking forward to your new projects anyong!!!! glaiza Nov 26 2012 9:21 am From a guy's perspective and I haven't had a chance to watch "Chilwu, the Mighty" nor his other television dramas. Cecaniah Apr 01 2016 10:49 am oppa ah in when you come to indonesia? Has he done any plastic surgery ? all the best for your new drama. :). Haha. Hello Yoo Ah In. im looking for new drama yoo ah in soon.. Galindri Dec 11 2010 10:59 pm

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