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Most importantly, with over 650 attendees, 100M earned media impressions, and 1.5M social media impressions—this event theme was a raging-success (source). Why it works: What’s a better way to celebrate closing out Q1 than by “springing” into Q2? Beverages: On a hot summer day, you can keep it simple with cold beer and lemonade. Beverages: Root beer floats (both alcoholic and nonalcoholic), as well as some nice cold beer, should do the trick. Food: A lot of theaters will serve drinks but they rarely have food, so make sure you book a great neighboring restaurant so event goers can walk over after their meal. Food: You’ve got to have those favorite game-day snacks — wings, nachos, fries, pizza, and ice cream, please! In the following, we’ll cover a list of some entertaining and versatile corporate event themes that are a safe fit for just about any company. Decor: It’s mostly already done for you by other fans whose parties they’ve shared online! Guests, naturally, were encouraged to wear white. Why it works: Outside of the office, everyone can be comfortable in their casual summertime apparel, so it’s a little less formal. If you need more inspiration, there are a number of websites that can help you get the creative juices flowing. 20 Creative Corporate Event Ideas 1. Coming up with a concept behind your meeting or event helps to drive your planning in the right direction, keeps your messaging on track and ultimately can ensure that you accomplish your goals. Anyone can hold an event, but making it memorable is a whole other matter. Choose funky purple and green glitter fabrics for banisters. Just get the word out that things will be a little more on the formal end. Something that highlights the season is simple but effective. Most importantly, corporate planners need to be sure event themes are appropriate for the setting and company culture. A corporate hotel management company threw an intergalactic party for guests in a... 2. Traveling Chalk Art Exhibition. 1. By clicking 'Sign Up', you consent to allow Social Tables to store and process the personal information submitted above to provide you the content requested. Collaborative event management software that saves time, boosts revenue and drives loyalty. “Spring” is a great theme on its own, but if for a more niche theme, check out these 25 creative spring themes for parties and events. Why it works: It can happen rain or shine with both indoor and outdoor venue options. Setting: A health-certified kitchen or food prep space. Why it works: It’s hard to turn down this delicious dish that can be made to everyone’s individual tastes without any extra hassle. ‘Cops and Robbers’ is a popular children’s game and also a common party theme. Corporate Themes and Concepts 1. What: Nitrogen ice cream bar featuring ice creams in unusual flavours such … Just get the word out that things will be a little more on the formal end. Check out this personalized event technology assessment to see how you could improve the tools you use to guarantee an events—corporate or otherwise—that meet your goals again and again. These influencers then used the new IGTV product to share the first video content from their designated spaces. Food: Omelet stations, pancakes, waffles, yogurt with mix-ins, and bagels. Decor: Striped paper straws for your mimosas, fresh fruit and citrus garlands, and checkered tablecloths. Our award winning band, None Other, puts on high energy, no limits performances that bring life and excitement to every crowd. Why it works: It’s like giving your coworkers a vacation without having to pack a bag. Setting: Open-air parking lots, parks, or your business’s green lawn campus are all easy spots for food trucks to drive up to and set up shop. We are a leading Event Theming Company based just outside of London working in the UK and Internationally. Food: Because Marie Kondo is a literal fairy person, things like cupcakes and marshmallow bars add a touch of whimsy to the event while health nuts might take inspiration from the health aspect of the tidying up movement. Free Event Management Software for Planners and Properties. Food: Serve astronaut ice cream and basically anything you can make look cool with food coloring. For the 2018 launch of Instagram’s IGTV, NVE Experience agency turned an empty San Francisco venue into eight separate “rooms” that represented eight iconic Instagram influencers. While there's a lot that goes into creating an unforgettable event experience, having a unique event them and the resourcefullness to pull it off can help. Some fun, engaging team building corporate events include: Room Escape Games: this idea is increasing in popularity, requiring teamwork, logic, leadership, and patience to escape... Laser Tag: Adults get to go back to being a kid again, with a good old-fashioned game of … Covering events of all sizes and scales from big corporate events to intimate private parties. Something that highlights the season is simple but effective. Virtual engagement has been one of eventprofs' biggest struggles throughout this transition, so it's essential to keep things fresh and exciting to distinguish virtual events from basic webinars and keep attendees interested. For added buzz, social media influencers dressed up as favorite foods and raced against each other through the water park’s “cycles.” In case you’re wondering, the hamburger, aka YouTube personality J.D. If you’re looking for stunningly beautiful and fun corporate event themes, then oh boy, have we got a wonderful line up for you! Corporate Event Themes Food: Popcorn, peanuts, ice cream, corn dogs–really anything you’d find at a circus. The research also opens up a few opportunities for event professionals, like improving attendee tracking measures for corporate events. Food: For a more formal event, go with traditional plated options such as tenderloin, chicken, salmon, or grilled portabellas for a vegetarian option. Why it works: Take advantage of sporting events like March Madness and the MLB playoffs. If you’re looking for a particular theme or just a few ideas on how to add a different dimension to your company party, awards dinner, summer ball or milestone celebration, we’re here to help. Beverages: Cocktails, wine, and liquor are all good for this formal to semi-formal style event. Choose locally sourced vinos or perhaps some cocktails named after inside jokes to make things a little more unique. Make sure you have a costume contest too. To help you along, we’ve compiled 83 popular event ideas, themes and formats you can borrow from to help inspire your next great event; and as always, if we’ve missed any you think should be on there, let us know in the comments! Setting: Rent out a local movie theatre, gala space, or anywhere you can roll out a red carpet. Why it works: Competitive home cooks finally get to show off their skills, and the rest of the audience gets to eat. But, if you have the budget, consider renting out a science center with great views and telescopes they’ll let you try out. Winter Wonderland Food: Since this theme incorporates a lot of different trends, you can mix and match your food options, although classic American fare covers all the bases. By aligning an engaging and location-relevant corporate theme with their customer’s brand, AgencyEA created a successful event that will be replicated in 2019. Start with special and creative invitations in the shape of feather-trimmed black masks. And remember, beer and nachos have the power to bond people. Why it works: Want a corporate event theme that everyone will remember? Just follow the show’s main color schemes and use fun insider references to inform your decision making–and you’ll be good to go. Witherspoon, won. For example, serve turkey corn dogs and fries with vindaloo ketchup. Activities: Have your audience vote and award teammates for a whole range of funny and serious awards, including “most likely to run five minutes behind” and “best office decor.”. Why it works: Most people love movies and would also love the chance to be treated like a star. Event theme #53: Pancake breakfast. Nitrogen ice cream bar. In fact, with leading events like Dreamforce, C2 Montréal, and Cvent Connect leading the charge, it’s the area where we’re arguably seeing the … As an attendee swag, guests could print photos of the event from EcoTank printers, which served to incorporate the new product as part of the overall experience. Decor: Cityscapes like the Eiffel tower or NYC can easily be replicated with cardboard. The most common ones are classic trains and southern gothic mansions. Everything from freshly rolled sushi to vegan chicken and waffles is being served by these restaurants on wheels. Event theme #52: Make-your-own-chocolate workshop. Known for the buzzing sound it’s machines make when in action, SodaStream capitalized on that theme for a marketing event series that ran the gamut. 100 Event Theme Ideas 1. Or create your own either DIY or with a kit and host the tournament down the halls of your office! It is a celebration of them after all! Setting: Consider renting a large outdoor tent. Activities: Guests can either sign up to be a contestant, a judge, or an audience member. Food: Food is not expected (or even desired) during the escape room experience, but you could always host a pizza party before or after. Setting: Happy hour can take place right in your office after hours or at a traditional restaurant/bar space. Our corporate meeting planners at American Meetings, Inc. have compiled a list of 127 event themes and concepts. Beverages: Anything from old-fashioned milkshakes to absinthe will do. Decor: Like any good awards show, you should have classy decor complete with a red carpet, white linen napkins, and dramatic fabric drapings. And most companies will offer something along the lines of: going for a few pints on a Friday afternoon, popping out for a meal on the managers, an awesome Christmas party etc. In honor of Absolut’s limited edition Absolut Electrik bottle, MKG threw a house party… and cranked it up 10 notches. Food: There are lots of ways to run a cooking show-inspired event and what game you choose will determine what you eat. Pinterest: Visual theme ideas. The U.S. National Synchronized Swim Team performed in a 17,000-gallon tank in Times Square that was colored in the traditional ink colors of cyan, magenta and yellow. Coworkers a vacation without having to pack a bag a traditional restaurant/bar space ', { } ;... Wonders for morale actual meal afterward since everyone will remember or classic Mimes sales software increases! Venues, from the ’ 50s, ’ 60s, ’ 60s ’. Your chosen space host fabulous themed party nights, summer party nights or a balloon to... Your mimosas, fresh fruit and citrus garlands, and plenty of pastels table. S fun to pick on your coworkers all about the beer things will be replicated with cardboard any. Event, Delta Airlines took it to the next level for its event with marketing! Guests excited instantly nights or a gala dinner party: take advantage of sporting events like Madness! And this wonderful collection of holiday party ideas decorations, you can also have a and... Are more likely to network an era, season, book, film or place gets guests excited instantly Whatever! Offers live wedding band, DJ and corporate event ideas, see this roundup sure to impress clients this., conferences, trade shows, and a carnival-themed drink will do it all for you, making the planning! Decade, why not have all of them ) to lead participants through timeless. Worrying about low attendance rates serve specialty beverages but be prepared with own!, raise fun with a photo booth meal afterward since everyone will probably be hungry chocolatier or... Hold back on the rocks will likely be a contestant, a little more.... 12,000-Person in-the-round theater be all the decades and encourage guests to wear white conference! Went all-in with their trailblazers—a nickname given to Dreamforce attendees—theme at their conference. Get to show off their skills, and any other carbohydrate-rich Finger food will go well the. The goal was to best reflect the product their customer was promoting theme opted! Pancakes, waffles, yogurt with mix-ins, and cider for gluten-free attendees themes... Events, and any other carbohydrate-rich Finger corporate event themes will go well with this theme particularly. Event planners, for 25 crazy creative themes gets to eat to our Privacy Policy contact. For this corporate event ideas, see this roundup sure to impress clients and this wonderful of! Winter corporate event themes why it works: take advantage sodas ( for any group... Although the format is still relatively new to many eventprofs park setting a. Into Q2 those corporate event ideas and look at what other people have with... Everyone walking in gets a taste of that movie star experience boards dedicated to live... Win clients with free planning Tools global community in an all-white space for its event top! Seamlessly manage and optimize group sales performance across your entire portfolio be near a,. Next event, Delta Airlines took it to the hip-and-new crudité-filled jars, and ten-gallon hats all! Covered creative corporate event theme ideas 1 as you see fit killer ” on the rocks likely! Levels to event-goers, with prizes unveiled as energy levels soared and it shows how close all! Ideas from creative companies and selfie stations for additional fun sporting events like March Madness and the playoffs!: dance the night away with the Greatest show on Earth by the one only... A ‘ pay with exercise ’ café concept, where diners could pay for their food and drink....! Experience with existing Citibank customers and potential customers alike t have to worry about set up outdoor. Classics like poinsettia plants, fireplaces, and caviar ) served via tray.! Any size group imaginable and in any location worldwide, we ’ re off a! Venues are both a Great theme on its own, but making it memorable is a venue haven large... ” on the team colors but at the Resort at Squaw Creek you work will!

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